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Urban Assault Triped Transport (UA-TT)

Urban Assault Triped Transport (UA-TT)

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The Urban Assault Triped Transport, or UA-TT, was a First Order walker used for pacification operations.

The UA-TT could deploy its central limb for stabilized firing. Such designs dates back to the Clone Wars-era AT-AP walkers used by the Galactic Republic. In order to use heavy machinery in an urban area, the First Order deploys UA-TT walkers as opposed to the larger, heavier AT-M6 walkers. This is done so the city in question is not destroyed during occupation.

In 35 ABY, during the First Order–Resistance war at least one was deployed to Kijimi.

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Designer: Julio

Instagram: @julio.mocsw


Parts: 730

Estimated cost (BrickLink): ~ 50-70$



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