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Coruscant Police Gunship

Coruscant Police Gunship

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The Republic police gunship was a model of transport gunship utilized by the Coruscant Security Force and the Coruscant Guard on the planet Coruscant during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. The Republic police gunships possessed a spoked cockpit and solar gatherer panels, which acted as the power generators for the ship. It also possessed a similar drive to the LAAT/i gunships, as evidenced by their sound. They were also equipped with searchlights in the event that they had to conduct searches at night or in areas of Coruscant where visibility was low, such as the underworld. The gunships also had two ball-mounted laser cannons underneath the cockpit and one laser cannon mounted on the rear of the ship. The gunship was available to both droid and sentient members of the CSF. It was less armed than the LAAT/i, but was nonetheless preferred due to its better suitability for patrolling the city scape as well as it having a lower risk overall in causing collateral damage. The vehicle's cockpit also had two seats for the pilot and gunner, with the pilot being slightly behind of and elevated over the gunner. The side hatches opened for entry, and had a ramp near the rear in the event that the circumstances required rapid deployment of its personnel. It was primarily utilized by CSF police officers, although it was also known to be used by members of the Coruscant Guard under certain circumstances.

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Designer: Tony Hardy

Instagram: tonyhardy1999


Parts (republic version): 2440

Estimated cost (BrickLink): ~ 300$


Parts (imperial version): 2442

Estimated cost (BrickLink): ~ 340$



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