My name is David Buchholz and I'm a passionate LEGO fan (especially LEGO Star Wars) from northern Germany. I've been watching the LEGO- and AFOL community (Adult Fan Of LEGO) for over a decade now and finally decided to be an active member in 2018. Active meaning I've started designing a bunch of Star Wars themed MOCs (My Own Creation) especially directed to the AFOL community by partnering up with the popular YouTubers BrickVault. That's when I decided to launch my small business 'Dave's Customs' in 2019. I've collaborated with popular YouTubers like TheBrickWiz for example and later decided to design 'simpler' MOCs as well for people, who don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on LEGO. The physical models can be found on RepublicBricks.com run by the popular Instagramer RepublicBricks. I'm very thankful to be a part of this community and am really looking forward to getting to know even more awesome people along the way, who share the same passion as me :)

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MY CREATIONS (www.BrickVault.toys)


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David Buchholz

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